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I know this blog is not supposed to be about politics is supposed to be about the planning and training, and eventually the walk that we will be going on to cross-country from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington. But with the new executive orders that have been signed in the current actions there been taking place in Washington, DC you know the United States of America””s capital. It will make this walk a very dangerous walk to do if they have their way.

This was not going to be about my walk across the United States with a side arm or another words, a gun. But you would be a full to across the country on foot without some means of protection against violent activities that may come about. Now, on that list of things that might come out to get Chad, myself or Athena are things such as wild animals. On the train that we will be crossing we will be facing several very dangerous animals. First off we will be starting in Florida on our way out to St. Louis. We will be passing through areas of the United States that have the following animals.
Panthers [their incredibly rare but they have been seen in the areas]
highly venomous snakes.
I believe some species of bear.
Now, that does not include the other proms that we may encounter which are the two legged kind which their whole purpose in life is to make others people””s life miserable or extinguish their life.

Now I am not saying that those of the only problems and the only areas we will be encountering because from St. Louis all the way across to well the finish line. We will have all those same threats minus the Panthers and the snakes will be changed to venomous snakes, Not highly venomous.

Then there””s the fact that we””re crossing some of the Woodland areas. We will not be able to get food at every corner store because will be passing through areas where there is nothing for hundreds of miles, so what will end up happening is either a we will starve to death or we will have to get our own food.

now don””t get this confused and start thinking that the only reason why I””m bringing this up is because I like to hunt and the Second Amendment is not about just hunting in fact, it doesn””t say hunting anywhere in it.

Even if this bill passes, and all the stuff goes through the walk still is going to happen. But it won””t be nearly as safe as it would be elsewise.

Anyways have a great day. If you can donate to us. Please do. If not, at least spread the word about us.


For those of you who think that you do not need guns. To protect yourself there””s a few pieces of history you should look up first , I would look at Ruby Ridge as a brief history it is where the FBI stormed a private citizen””s home up in the mountains, shot his dog, his son and his wife. All of that was because he would not modify guns for the FBI to use. He won a large sum of money in a lawsuit for the death of his son and his wife. And that was the good guys attacking him.
The next one. I recommend looking up would be Waco, Texas. That””s where the ATF decided that a church should not have any guns so they burned alive 32 children, 15 women and 8 men. To cover that up. They were claiming the children were being molested yet to this day. There is no proof of those allegations. If that was the real reason why did the ATF to him not the FBI?

Don””t let them take any rights away from you! after the second amendment is gone, they will increase their actions to remove the Bill of Rights and those rights are the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution. Those were put there for the people, not the government.

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