By Men or By the Earth

By Men or By the Earth is book by Tyler Coulson It happens to cover his adventures across the United States on foot with his dog Mabel.

One of the reasons why I felt I should talk about his book and for that matter Tylor himself, while looking for this idea to talk about on this post entry I came across a YouTube video about his book and his adventures you can see this YouTube video below.

After viewing the video I decided to contact him to see what kind of pointers or advice he could give me. I was kind of shocked when I got the response from him in less than 20 min. I’ve sent a few e-mails to him and come to the conclusion that is a pretty swell guy. I would actually love to meet him on doing this walk for that matter his dog to. So if you’d be at all interested in knowing how these seven ventures work out and some of turmoils they can face and you face on regular basis. I would deftly recommend checking his book out.

As you can see there are lots of people who do this type of adventure, but is not a real easy task. There are lots of challenges that we will have to face. There are lots of good things that will come our way along with the bad. Most people who do this type of walk end up having some type of spiritual enlightenment that occurs it’s a life-changing event for them. I would have to be a fool if I did not think this would be a life-changing event for me.

Have a good day

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