Any suggested tools for us to use?

I was wondering if any of you people out there happen to know of any good tools like use to keep you guys informed on where we are located on this walk? The reason why I’m asking you this is I keep finding tools, but none of them work for what I am after. You see what I need is a good way to update the website with our current location. The system needs to be free to use has to be reliable and he cannot kill batteries and whatever device is used to do this with. My first thought was using some application for a cell phone but the problem with this is, they tend to eat the cell phone batteries for breakfast. Not to mention that we will be traveling through lots of area without cell coverage so that could be a problem for it.

I know this was a little bit off-topic, but it is in this spirit of this post. I would also like recommendations for the rain gear that we are going to use on this walk. It needs to be durable and lightweight, and preferably fairly low in cost. It also has to be very visible.

If you can answer any of these questions we have please leave a comment to this post.

I feel that the skiers stuff I have to really consider after all walking from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington is a couple miles.

As always , have a good day and we do need your support so please donate if you can. If you cannot donate don’t believe yourself up for we know that a lot of people are without work and without spare money, including the people on this Walk. But at least you can tell your friends about us and spread the word for that to also helps us out a lot.

Chad was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He is a type II diabetic. Therefore, his medication custards and tester. We will have to figure out how to keep that with us at all times in a good dry condition. This should not be too difficult a task, but the difficult part will be keeping his medication filled and an ample supply of test strips.

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