Veterans Day

We here at The Walk would like to say happy Veterans Day to all our military veterans. We would like to also like to mention a few other things. Are you aware that Easter Seals also assists with disabled veterans. If you do not know this well now you do. You can check out the Easter Seals link to their veteran service awareness page at the following link. then there’s always the official website of the US government puts out or Veterans Affairs and Veterans Day
Now for those of you who do not know Veterans Day is celebrated in the United States on November 11.

I felt I should give you a little bit of information on this and a few links for your further research. Just because Easter Seals does support our veterans.
I know this was a really small post by did not feel was necessary to do a whole post on something of there’s lots of websites out there about. Well anyways have a good day and remember you can always donate to this project so we can get on the way with all the gear we need.

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