I hope you had a good Halloween

Well, I hope you had a good Halloween. I also wish the best of luck to the people who are recovering from storm Sandy that hit the eastern seaboard of the United States. For those of you who cannot donate to the walk because of the storm. I do wish that the people in the storm ridden area help each other out to rebuild their area.

As for what is going on with The Walk . If you”ve been following our last post, you”ll realize that we have gotten the MULE and we have start to modify mostly with lighting and reflective surfaces. Yes, those modifications are still in the works to finish up the most. These modifications are low-cost modifications. But that raises onto another subject I am probably going to be ordering a screenprinting kit that contains a press and screens. Now it may seem strange that with the walk. I”m talking about screen printing. Well I can get the price for $200. Now the reason why was thinking but getting the press.

It will allow us to print up T-shirts in the signage for the MULE. Now the reason why we will self print the signage and are shirts is the signage for the MULE will run approximately $150 to have them printed. If an outside party does the printing. Now the cost have a custom shirt printed up will run approximately $23 a shirt. So I feel by self printing. I will actually be able to save us right around $200 and the good thing is soon as I get the press. I will be able to sell shirts for the walk and be able take most the profit for covering the expenses of the walk without charging $30 a shirt. I can probably get away charging $15-$16 a shirt still make decent profit on. Please let me know what you think about this.

Have a good day

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