Walk across the United States of America.

Well, I just recently did a Google search for a few things. Mostly about terms I think should find this website. Amongst those terms are used. Walk across the United States, walk across America, walk across the United States of America, walk from coast-to-coast walk across the country, and anything else I could think of. The bad thing is, none of those searches found this website but I did happen to find the Facebook account. It did not find the twitter account. It found the donation page though so I felt lineages work to make sure was easily found in search engine’s. I am still working on that. I know there’s a few things I can help it out. First off if people would comment on the blog posts it would help the search engine show these pages are relevant. They tend to like that.

MULE will be ordered in a few days. Now some of you might be wondering why were for to the cart as MULE well it goes back to a video game. You see the video game by the same name MULE, it was an acronym. The acronym stood for (Multiple Use Labor Element). I felt it was kind of appropriate of a name to give to the cart. Now for some of you who do not know what the MULE is it will be the cart that we will be using on this walk. Now, there are some modifications I will be having to make to the MULE. The first modification I can think of would be putting some reflectors on it that way it will be easily seen in bad light situations. The other modification to MULE would be a safety flag mounted on it. Now if you do not know what we are using for the MULE, please look at the previous post. It has a link to it.

Now we are in need of donations and sponsors along with some promotional help. I know it may seem like it’s a long ways away but we do need of these funds together so we can get the equipment we need tested and changed if need be. We also need staff members. After all we can do all the stuff on our own.

I know you’re probably sick of my standard signing off, but tough.

If you would like to donate any funds to us. There is a donation link in the upper right-hand corner of this website, you’re more than free to use it. In fact, you are actually kind of encouraged to. We also could use some more publicity on Facebook, so please tell your friends about us on Facebook. It’s not that hard to share any of our posts to Facebook. And leave us some feed back. Not only do we like the idea of getting some feedback from the public but search engines like the fact that we give feedback to and we really need to improve our page rank. So when the walk is going on , so people will find us.

Have a great day

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