MULE 1.0

Well, I received the MULE two days ago, on October 12, 2012. I now have the MULE assembled and ready for some modifications. Now the modifications I have planned for are in the works you see, I have to put some reflectors on it and a safety flag. Now, after having physical possession of the MULE, I have realized one thing I do not have the storage capacity to carry 12 gallons of water with me. So right now it’s been cut back to only 6 gallons of water which will mean we will have approximately with us three days worth of water. What that overall means is that we will have approximately 3 days worth of water at any given time, which will equate to approximately 60 miles of travel. The good thing is in the really dangerous area. [Crossing the great salt flat near the north end of the great Salt Lake] I will be able get water delivered to us in route.

Then there is the fact that I have to figure out how to hold Athena and drag the cart at the same time. Not don’t think I’ll be too much of a difficult task. After all Athena being an Australian shepherd is incredibly smart and she can adapt.

I am also in the process of trying to find a cooler that will fit in the cart with the water. I feel the space sacrifice will be well worth it. It will allow us to have cold beverages and keep some food chilled after all the ice melt which is extra weight can be drank by Athena easily enough and use for basic sanitation purposes.

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Have a wonderful day!

The image in this post was taken from trycam they are the ones who we got the cart from.

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