MULE 1.0.5

EL wire

blue EL wire

Okay, so this is kind of a cheesy way to address the MULE.  I just let you all know that with the recent modifications to the MULE and it is only a minor one. The first modification that has been done is I have installed some EL wire, to be precise, 10 feet of blue EL wire. I attached this wire to the aft portion of the MULE. From this little modification. The MULE stands out like a sore thumb, which is a very good thing. I still have to add about another 30 feet of the EL wire to the MULE but I have not ordered the EL wire for these additions. The reason why I have not ordered the EL wire for these additions is that we do not have the funds for them. And as soon as I get all the EL wire needed, it will have on it. Approximately 20 feet of yellow EL wire 10 feet of blue EL wire and 10 feet of green EL wire. After I get all the EL wire installed on the MULE. The MULE will get a new number. It’s new number with all the EL wire on it will be 1.1.

After all that is done I will them be working on putting some reflectors on it. Now these may not be the standard reflectors you see him like bicycles and things like that you see on the MULE there are two 7″ x 7″ squares. Those are located on the aft of the MULE. Now one of the things I felt like use these spaces for will be for signage. Now on the aft of it. Those two 7″ x 7″ squared locations will have on them. One will be our QR code that leads to the website. The other one will have it in plain readable text. Both those panels will have white backdrops . Now when I set up those panels which I will probably be having to screenprint . [Silkscreening] them myself . I will be applying glitter to the prints I can do that because they will still be wet and able to accept foreign material to their surface. No one the other cool things about the MULE is that it has six 7″ x 10″ squares or actually to be more honest. They’re more like rectangles. Now those spaces are going to be used for putting the logos of all the sponsors that we get for this. That way they will have good locations on the cart, otherwise known as MULE.

Now for those of you who do not know what EL wire is. The EL in EL wire stands for electroluminescence is essentially is a wire form of a neon light. They take very little power to operate. I have been told that 120 feet of it can be powered for 30 hours with just two AA batteries. Now those numbers seem a bit outlandish to me. I have not tested this yet but I can tell you this, I have now powered a 10 foot section on two AA batteries for about 14 hours so far with no sign of the light dimming. If you would like to know more about EL wire you might want do a Google search for it.

We do need your donations. For right now that is the only way that we’re funding getting our equipment. Both Chad and Desmond do not have real jobs so therefore we do not have any income to speak of. So this is definitely relying on donations coming in to support us.

Thank you

photo by: thematthewknot
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