Have a safe Halloween

Well I know this has nothing to do with our plans for this long walk. But with some of you I know you will be out trick-or-treating with the little ones so with that in mind, you too will be a walker. So I do hope that he takes some safety precautions with you. I know some people in some areas get her trick-or-treating during daylight hours. I know others do them after dark. Now either way you need to make sure you’re costumes can be seen by drivers on the road after all it would be a terrible way to end this holiday which is mostly a American holiday, at least the way the celebrated so you might want to call this a public service announcement message.

I would recommend for safety getting a few chemical light sticks often referred to as glow sticks and carry them on the traffic side when you’re walking. I would also recommend going out in groups of three or more.

Here’s a little bit of trivia information for you. The reason why Halloween is celebrated the way is in the United States has nothing to do with religion. It actually was a way to cut down on vandalism that occurs in November on date as, referred to as Guy Fawkes day. Sometimes the night of the bonfires, and other times it is referred to as the gunpowder conspiracy. The idea was making a holiday before that day with the intent to give people’s mind off it. When the reasons why they want to do this is kids would go around rubbing soap on car windshields which in my opinion is just good fun. But that ultimately led to other things happening such as more acts of vandalism is actually destroyed and damaged property instead of nuisance and some of the pranks that were being pulled were just outright dangerous.

Well, I hope this gives you something to think about and possibly geeky to do a little bit of research yourself. I know some of you will still insist that is a religious holiday and to be honest, it has turned into one. For some people because, ironically enough October 31 happens to be the day after all Saints day and it also had a name of all hallows Eve. But what is today. Celebrate by that majority of the people is nothing more than a way for people to air act with the community and have fun. And for you grown-ups who are reading this who think it’s not safe for you take your kids out trick-or-treating need to realize when they were a kid and went out trick-or-treating. It was just as dangerous if not more so. You only think it’s more dangerous now because things that used to never be report about are now being reported along with people who were never going to jail for those activities are now going to jail. So in actuality is actually safer now that was when you were a kid.

Have a great day and hope are Halloween is just as well.

photo by: wwarby
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