Why we have not started the walk yet?


I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight online and I realized something. Some people thought I was going to start the walk this year. I do apologize for the mistake in communication. The reason for that mistake was I was planning on doing it this year. But like all plans, some things change and cause delays.

One of the first thoughts that cause the delay from happening this year was it completely slipped my mind that this year is a presidential election year. And I figured it would be really hard to do a fundraising type walk when everybody’s worried about sending money to their politician they would like to see in office it would make something of this nature, go kind of unnoticed. So that ended up pushing him back one year.

Now I know some of you may be wondering if this really is going to happen. I can truthfully tell you yes it will really happen. This delay happened to be a blessing in disguise. You see, once I did the delay I end up getting somebody else would also be going on a walk with me which will really help me what I’m doing those long stretch of absolutely nothing. The other thing that was really nice this year is I got a new dog to go with me on this walk. If you did not know or have not been reading my earlier posts. She is an Australian Shepherd. Her name is Athena, and boy does she have a lot of energy.

One. The other reasons for the delay on the start is you see I do not have a job right now so it makes it getting the funds together to do something like this kind of a uphill battle. So having this extra time to try get sponsors lined up and get some donations and to help fund the start of this thing is a real plus.

Now most of the sponsors that I have gone after have said no but camelback is now reviewing the site and reviewing this project to see if they’re willing to sponsor us. I really do hope they do.

Something else is nice about this delay is giving us time to do some research and development on our equipment that we plan on taking for this walk along with refining the map to make it perfect. You know, make sure that some the Rosa walk are actually legal to walk on and make sure they’re also safe to walk on.

If you’d be willing to help us out in this endeavor. There is a donation button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. You can use and donate any amount to us that you feel you can, it would be greatly appreciated. Now if you happen to own a business and would be interested in sponsoring us, please use the contact page and get a hold of us. For I am sure we can work something out. That would be mutually beneficial.

We really do need your help and your support in this process and anyway he can help us would be greatly appreciated. Some of the ways can help us would be just leaving feedback on the blog or on the Facebook posts you see that the more comments inactive Jake gets the more tension. This will get and with all that. Tension it will make this a more successful venture.

Well, I wish to tell you all have a good day and please leave feedback on this entry and tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about us.

Thank you and hope you like reading about this blog in the planning.

we still have lots of staff positions open. You are welcome to fill out the application for a staff position, I should let you know that none of the staff positions are paid.

photo by: Grim Santo
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