why we are asking for funds, even though we are not on the walk yet.

I know some of you may be wondering why we keep asking for funds but without funds.  We will not be able make this walk happen.  Well, let me correct that we will be making this walk with or without the funds.  If we happen to do without the funds it will be more dangerous for both of us to do.  The start up funds that we are asking for are to help cover the cost of the equipment needed for this walk now after the walk starts we will be using all donations to cover our traveling expenses and then whatever left over we will be donating to the charities that we are representing.

Now, as you can see we are trying to keep you all informed about what is going on and with our plans for a piece of mind.  I will let you know our web host is a free web host. The only real cost that we have met so far with this website, is the $10 fee that cost register this URL. Now our current web host will not work for us when we are on the walk. You see, it is too limited on both the bandwidth allowance per month and the amounts based for storage. So we do plan on upgrading and changing our web post soon as we have the funds to you that. But do not worry it will not be coming out of the funds sent in for equipment just like this web post URL registration. This came out of Desmond’s personal expenses.

We are always seeking sponsors for this in the attempt to get the sponsors is one of the reasons why we registered this website. So if you have a business or know a business that might be interested in sponsoring us. Please let us know.

As always, have a great day and if you would be interested in sponsoring us. Let us know. For those of you wish to donate to us. There is a button in the upper right-hand corner of this website, feel free to use it. And while you’re at tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about us. We can always use the support.

Leaving comments on our posts are definitely appreciated also. So, feel free to do that to.

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