The reason it is important to comment on blog posts.

When you read a blog post, how does the writer know you appreciate his post?

We will start with talking about the reason you should comment on blog posts and even for that matter Facebook comments and twitter updates.  you see there are some people who will mindlessly click and share it to all this stuff which is great but don’t get me wrong that is not all that blog writers would like to see.  One of the things they crave more than anything else is feedback.  I mean, just sharing it with your friends is good, it’s great, but that really does not tell the blog writer on what you really thought about the post where need be approved and where was lacking.  Now not telling you this, and on every time you see a blog post but he should try to cure a regular reader at least, not every now and then.


Now for the ones of you out there who think that coming on blogs a waste of time because no one reads them to be quite honest, most readers of a blog do not really read the blog comments, but the writer of the blog does what ends up doing is making the writer do better jobs at writing them more along the stylings of the way his readers like to see them.  For instance, if you’re reading this blog entry now you are one of my readers, so if you comment on this entry.  I will know if I’m doing a good job or not with the blog.  Some of things that search engines look for when they’re indexing, are blog comments because most search engine look for the comments are left in blog post to see if the blog is worth indexing is one of their attempts to make their search engine results more relevant to what you search for.


Now I know some of the people out will not comment on a blog because they cannot spell and are worried about ridicule.  I cannot spell so most my blog entries are actually made using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  And no it is not because I’m lazy and don’t want type or learn how spell you see, I happen to be dyslexic and one of the side effects of my dyslexia is it makes spilling almost an impossible task for me.  And I too am guilty of not commenting on the blogs I read.  It also makes me not participate in very many newsgroups.  But there are a few newsgroups I participate in.  In fact, there are two of them by help moderate.  One thing you can keep in mind is that no one can see your face when you’re making comments on the blogs at least if you choose not to let them see a picture of you for that.  My use of fake names and no one will really know who you are so there’s no reason to really be embarrassed.


Well, since I informed you that I am dyslexic.  For those of you who do not know.  It happens to be one of the reasons why Easter Seals is one of our causes for this walk with them, helping kids and adults with  disabilities and autism.  You see, people with disabilities.  It don’t make themselves obviously known to the public have a tendency to be accused of not being there or completely overlooked, things such as my ability to spell.  After all people who can’t spell society must be stupid right, how consummate you can’t spell old two Associates degrees and two Masters degrees?  Okay that was a little bit satire because I can’t fit that description.  But being stupid is how society often looks at me and yes that is frustrating.


And now to get back on topic, there are lots of ways you can leave feedback to people on their blog posts Facebook updates or other social media outlets.  The one of the things you have to keep in mind you not want me self-promoting your website your Facebook account or when all the time all of that will accomplish is make you were those spamming individuals.  And yes, I sometimes find myself guilty of doing the exact same thing I just told you not to do.  But I do catch myself at times and backup little bit.

As always you can give to this website in the upper right-hand corner using link.  After all we do need the funds.  Please comment on this blog posts like this on Facebook tweet this out to all your friends.  But most of all have fun and have a great day.

photo by: Joyce-Rhiannon
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