Smart phone users. I could use your help?

the walks tracking QR codeIf you have a smart phone,  I could really use your help.  I do not use a smart phone, so I’m asking of you is to scan the QR code that you see on this post.  I know some of the people out there are very leery about scanning QR codes so I will tell you what this one does what this QR code does is, he goes to a another site which will geo-track where you scanned it in from that way it will give me an idea of where the QR codes are being scanned, by doing such it will help drastically out when I put together the flyers for businesses to put up their windows.  Now if you think this is too much invasiveness on your privacy.  Please let me know this.  I also need to know if this QR code scans well because it is a customized one.  If you feel this is too invasive on your privacy, I can generate another one which does not track your place of scanning.  What the plan is for using of the QR code is not just for the Flyers.  I will also be using this as the picture for default when posts are fed to Facebook if there is no pictures in the post.


Now, I wish to say thank you for all of you who read this post and follow the directions given in it.  I also wish you all a good day and hope it goes well for you.  As always, please share this with your friends, neighbors and coworkers.  And if you feel like donating to this cause.  There is a button up in the upper right-hand corner of this website.  Feel free to use it.

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