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The Walk is still in desperate need of getting some help.  This post is going to be mostly talking about our public relations staff.  The way I see it is that if there’s no public relations staff it will make my job a living hell, I’ll arrange have too many things on my plate to deal with.  So I think I’ll have to give a small breakdown on what public relations concerning the staff is all about.


Because this walk is mostly about public relations.  I am thinking I will need a head for this department.  Now the person who is the head for this department is more like a facilitator than anything else.  Their primary job will be keeping the rest of HR department working smoothly.  No, I don’t know of the human resource department is the right need call this or not because it will speak covering media contacts and contact personnel.   this spot will probably be vacant for quite some time because this position really only needs to be filled after I start the walk by.  Would like to have somebody trained up for the position.  So wouldn’t be that big of a deal when the transition occurs.


Some of the things I would like to see worked on as soon as possible would be getting this website recognized on Wikipedia.  Due to Wikipedia’s terms of service.  I am not allowed to make the entries myself.  Now the links to Wikipedia from Wikipedia are not followed by search engines but they do register in the search engine as being there which will help us in our place when people do web searches which is not a big deal to me because the stages or he indexed by most search engines out there.  If someone who reads this blog decides to do a Wikipedia article on us please less knows we can link to it.  I also know that we start this walkable quality qualified to have a link on one of Wikipedia’s list already.


Now going back to the staff issues concerning public relations.  I have broken down that public relations staff into a few categories.  Obviously we have a public relation manager we will also be needing a media contact persona long with a list of people who can work as emergency contacts.  If an emergency happens to come up they would also be the responsible ones for when we do our phone call check and still enervate nowhere okay if we do not have web access.  Then we need a co-webmaster that person’s primary job will be to support this website wall we are on the walk.  Now that positions needs to be filled pretty quickly so I can get that person trained on this website.  Another one of the hats.  I’m presently wearing which I would like to have a live breather room with is that of promoter what that person will be responsible for is basically getting the word out about us in all places they can think of.


I know this seems like I keep bugging you all about this but I really do need your help.


There is one more area that is only a temporary area actually in that area is research and development.  Now amazing kind of funny that we have an R&D department because were not manufacturing a goods or at least mostly.  But we do need to research the equipment that we plan on taking with us and do any needed modifications before we start.  MULE is a good example.  Now MULE, which happens to be the nickname that I am calling the cards.  For walk like this.  There are no purpose-built carts for this type of walk so I’m looking at having to modify an existing card to fit the needs.  Now most walkers use a jogging stroller that has been modified.  I am not stating the brand name but most use the same brand.  Now there is a few carts that I am looking at most of them do have to be modified for this purpose.  The jogging stroller is still on the list but also is a game cart the type you drag a deer out of the woods after you bag them.


Now, I have to tell you there is a little button in the upper right-hand corner of this page Which you can click to donate cash to us.


As always, have a good day and please share this with all your friends.

PS we do have a program here for visitation.  She can actually get some pretty good rewards for doing things like sharing One of the things that we can give away is a Starbucks gift card for Five dollars.  I know that’s not much but least a way of showing some appreciation for your help.



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