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Well first off I would like to say this is the first post for the research and development section.


While knowing that we are going to be needing some wearable advertisement for wall were in training and to sell for part of our fundraiser for this event.  I have been looking into on-demand printing companies online.  The unfortunate thing is most of them have such high prices as it sits the other would not be much money left after somebody paid $20 for a shirt at that price, I would only be looking at maybe one dollar of the proceeds.  And if you ask me, I would say that is not a very good margin.  So I have come to the conclusion I have to put on another hat, which will be officially silkscreening operator.  Now silkscreening is something I have never done but from my understanding is a fairly simple process.  All the skill sets involved in doing it are things that I either learned in photography or in the many traits I have worked in so I feel I can pull this one off.  So what this also means I have to find somebody who lives fairly close to me.  So after learning how silkscreened designs onto my shirts and apparel.  I can teach someone else how to do it for when I am on the walk they can still get the shirts ordered and sent out to them.  If there is anybody out there who happens to read this blog, and they know a little something about silkscreening, please leave a comment on here about it.  There’s only so much research I can do online without other feedback.


Thank you for taking your time to read this.  I do appreciate all the people who read this.  If you would like to help us out on this endeavor.  Please donate some cash to the project.  We have made easy for you.  There is a link in the upper right-hand corner of this website, feel free to use it to donate some cash to us.  If you happen to run a business.  If your business would be interested in sponsoring us.  Let us know.  We can work out an arrangement.  If you cannot donate any cash to us.  We do have some active slots open for staff members.  If you go under staff will find a link there to our application page.  If none of these options work for you.  You can always help us with our promotions a little bit by liking us on Facebook tweeting us and telling all your Friends, neighbors and coworkers about us and try get them involved with it.

As always, have a great day!

photo by: Deadicated
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