Ask yourself this, if you could do one thing to change the world for somebody would you?

Well, I know the answer to this question for myself, but I do not know the answer for you. Now I”m not asking to tell me the answer to this question. I just really want you to think about it.  Think of it as a rhetorical question.

I know sum people are wondering what is in this walk for me well on the walk  for me personally I cannot speak for Chad. I would say what is in it for me is knowing that I”m helping somebody out who cannot help themselves. There a few other things I”m then beginning of this for instance how many people do not have walked across the country. This is not a small undertaking. It was an easy thing to do more people would be doing it. Or, instead of just reading about this you”d be participating in the walk some shape or form. I am not trying to guilt you into helping us out because I can”t say what”s going on in your life whether not you could help us or not. I know this will be a life-changing event for me. How it changes my life. I cannot tell you, I could become more bitter and cynical or I could become more outgoing in giving. I do hope it”s that more outgoing in giving.

I know I will have lots of challenges on this walk some of those challenges would seem mundane to most people. I think one my hardest problems on this walk will be finding places to sleep at night when I”m in big cities or going to the bathroom when I”m in a urban area, but there”s no businesses around. After all, it is hard to dig a hole and poop in it when lots of people are watching you.

I know this blog entry is a little bit short, but part of the reason for doing this entering was I just recently had to rebuild my computer system. So I thought I”d give you some little that my rambling about my thoughts about this walk and make you think a little bit.

If you really like this cause and wants support us up in the upper right-hand corner you”ll see a donation link but using send us some cash.

I hope you have a good day today and  if your day is just starting I hope it goes good for you. 🙂

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