What fun I’ve been having

There’s been some interesting things going on with this website over the last couple days. I have added a few new Plugins of them is to automatically feed to the Facebook account and the twitter account. I hope they do a better job than the last one did. I also had to take Athena into the vet. no, it wasn’t anything serious. It was just some more shots for her. She now has her rabies shot, taking care of and about four weeks. She gets to go back in for another booster.

One of the other things I have been working on over the last few days is a printable flyer that you can download from the website is not ready as of this point but should be soon after I get that or actually before, that I have to make a QR code for it, so be scanned with phones and go the website.

One last thing that I am working on on this website is. I also need to put together a merchandise store where you can buy stuff to help support The Walk and help advertise it for us.

I should also work on making some posts more keyword rich for people to find this site through search engines like Google, because right now the only real word that shows up in searches is walk and that doesn’t look very good for a keyword. One of my ideas is before going on this walk is to do some blog posts about the services that were raising money for a talk about them a little bit.

please share this with your friends and coworkers because of the word does not get out about us. We can’t expect to get the donations we desperately need to get this project going. If you happen to run a business and would be interested in sponsoring us. Feel free to contact us. I’m sure we can work out something that will be beneficial to both your business and this project.

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