We need your help

We desperately need your help now, there are ways you can help us out. That will not cost you anything at all other than a little bit of your time but start off with let’s start off with the type of help you can provide that will not cost you anything. Now for those of you who cannot afford anything this is one of you’re better options to do. Just leave a comment on this blog. I know that one is kind of a simple one, isn’t it? The reason why leaving a comment on this blog would help his search engines like that. They’ll help us get found in the search engines. Another one of the free ways, you can help us outis by liking us on Facebook. Then when you see our post come up on Facebook comment on them and share them with your friends. That way they will help us spread the word about this operation that we’re undertaking. I should also mention that we have a twitter account and you can do the same thing with that.

Now, there is also many other ways but help us out. Too start with, you can see there’s a little donation button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Feel free to use that one, and send donations are way. After all, we do need funds to support this activity.we are also in need of finding some sponsors for this. You can leave feedback on the blog to give us some ideas where to look for sponsorship.

For those of you who do not know what this project is aboutI think I should give you a little summary of it. This project is a long walk is a walk from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington. The reason for this walk is to cover a few things. It started off with the raise money for Easter Seals Inc. researcher rescue awareness, but as it developed, we took on a new walker to the group so we have added another cause to it. The added cause to this walk is for breast cancer and know not to give to people or get it, but to help fight breast cancer. The reason why it was added to this operation is because Chad’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancers. Shortly after he started working as one of the other walkers. Then we have the Git-R-Done Foundationnow yes, that is, Larry the cable Guy’s charitable organization. It was added on their because I (Desmond) have hip problems to the point where I have a service animal (Athena) and I figured it was fitting for her to be representing them, but it’s not really to raise money for them. It’s just a call awareness to them.

Now, there are several things I still need to figure out with this websiteand they’re all going to come in good time. Some of the things I have to figure out is a good photo gallery for it for when we are on the walk that need lots of space to upload photos. You can all see our progress. I also need to figure out a good way. The contract were we actually are well on this walk.

And now on a closing note.
Chad and Desmond both need personal funds for living off of now, the funds donated to the Walker covering their expenses. If you’d like to help either one of them individually. You can use the contact form on this page until all of them and they will tell you how to pay them directly.

Anyways, as always, have a good day and share this with all your friends and coworkers.

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