This post is going to cover a few things.

I do not know where to begin with this post.  After all, there is A lot of stuff I have to put in here.   So I am going to list them out for you.

  1. website updates.
  2. Staffing
  3. training
  4. sponsors
  5. funds
  6. help that you can provide.

Well this is not too big, only 6 areas.  So I think I will do them in the order listed them in.

Some of the updates I’ve made on the website is.  I’ve added a new area and put you contact pieces in their I know that’s not much of an improvement, but it’s a work in processI have also added in a dirty trick.  The dirty trick.  I have added to the website is a honeypot to Get the attention of e-mail harvesting bots in theory, what they will dois give the spamming e-mail gathering bots bad e-mail addresses.  Then, if the bot owners send an e-mail to one of those addresses their IP address and e-mail address will be listed as a spamming location I know is kind of dirty pool, but we need to beat them at their own game.

Now were onto staffing.  We still have lots of openings for places for staffing.  Here is a short list of some of things we need.

  1. co-webmaster
  2. publicist
  3. human resources
  4. facilitator
  5. promoter
  6. secretary
  7. personal assistants ( that would be for anybody doing a the other job)
  8. researcher.

As you can see we do have a few jobs need still to be filled.

now we are on to the training session.  Now Chad Desmond and Athena all need To be kept motivated on the training.  With all the no’s that we are getting for sponsorship have a tendency to get you depressed and slow-moving one of the ways you can help us with the training is to publicly talk good about the walk, get the popularity up there. There are ways the get the popularity up.  A few of the ways would be comment on the official Facebook page for The Walk, post tweets about The Walk, and leave comments on the blog itself.

As I have mentioned before, we have been having problems getting sponsors On January 3, 2013 will be one year before we start The Walk.  On that date .  We will start listing out who we have applied for sponsorship from.  Up until then, we will not let that information get out, but after that date.  We will start letting the public know that we have applied for sponsorship from said company and their response.  They gave us if they gave us one.  I know this Sounds a bit harsh, but from what I can see  from the responses we have gotten most companies are only interested in sponsoring major motion pictures, or really popular TV shows and have no interest in helping out in a small capacity.  For example I asked a company if they would be willing to sponsor the program.  I told them they would get links on the website with graphics.  The ability to post things in the blog, which in return we get fed to the Facebook account. Now, for all that advertising they would be getting all I wanted from them was $230 worth of  equipment.  That $230 is what it would cost usto go out and buy it ourselves.  The estimate cost for them would be right around $110.  That is one of the reasons why I have decided to do this.  For if they do not want to help or want to get back with us.  The public can find out all the information  concerned.

I am going to contain the last two parts of one section, so we’re going to be covering funds and how you can help.  As you can see we have only made just a little bit over 3% of what our goals are for the money now.  Keep this in mind, that the funds being requested are to cover training expenses and get the needed equipment for The Walk. So yes, we still are begging for donations and desperately need them.  there are other ways can help us out.  One of the ways can do it is to tell your friends about us that also includes your coworkers.  Another way you can help us out is providing a link on your website to us what that will do is help the search engines index us and give us a higher rating, and by doing such will make the show more often on search results.

one last thing before you go.  Are you aware that we have a rewards program on the website.  We do have a few cool  if you were active with the website, so you really should check them out.

Have a great day


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