Some thought process about this site and a few other plans

I was thinking about changing some of the main areas on this website. I was going to be moving some of the categories to a new area the area would be miscellaneous. The reason for that move would be so, that the less important areas would not be clogging up the main navigation bar. I still need to decide if I’m going to put a quick response code, or QR code that links to this website. If I do do that, it will be a customized one with our logos and the middle of it. I also need to put together a PDF flyer That can be printed out and displayed at local businesses and handed out by people who feel like they must help spread the word. After all, I would like to make it easy for them to do such. I also need to figure out a good link that people can cut and paste to put back links To us on their website.

Now I’m at another crossroads, you see, I was thinking about what’s used for a cart on this trip. First I was thinking of using a modified jogging stroller. Then I was thinking of using a modified game cart. I am still at tossup on which one I want to use. They both have their benefits. The stroller will be lighter weight, while the game cart heavier weight has a larger carrying capacity.

Then the third part of the dilemma I have now you see Chad and I both of us do not have a job at this present moment and we both have living expenses. Now all the donations received here are going to be going for The Walk, so that’s not an issue, but with a real dilemma states is whether it is ethical for us to advertise our own endures on this blog occasionally. I know it sounds kind of like a non-brainer because this is one of our endeavors. But actually were not getting paid to do this at all.

Well, please comment on this and let us know what you think.

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