Just a little work I have been doing on the website

well, here’s a little update for you on the things I’ve been doing on this website some of the things I’ve been doing is adding new plug-ins and Updating the theme. I have also been configuring some of the plug-ins that I’ve had and have not set them properlyone of the things I have add-on here is a way to digitally sign all the posts. There are some limits to it so I can only sign five of them a day by do not see that being much of a problem. Since I do not do that many posts a day that should not be a problem. You can now also subscribe to the blog via e-mail, along with individual blog posts. Now that should be a big plus to you for I know is a good addition to the website. I have also added in a spellchecker and grammar checker to all posts that get made. I do not know how well it works yet. After all, this is the first post, I’m trying it with.

This one is a little off topic. I cannot stress enough how much we do need your donations to help us with this. If you cannot donate any funds to this project, or even if you do, we would really appreciate if you would spread the word about this website or our Facebook page, because hopefully somebody who sees it can donate some money for this project.

Thank you and have a good day

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