Just a miscellaneous updates what’s going on

You all know that we’ve been working on the walk for quite some time. We have been getting the website up and going. We have also been working on getting her funds together. We have also been in the process training for the walk, wow, we’ve been doing a lot. Both the people concerning this walk, have been having massive computer problems and personal life problems. But we have not let this keep us down. We are still moving forward on this and we still need support in the form of donations. We also need to get few staff positions filled, but when you’re trying to fill staff positions and not being able pay them any money, it’s hard to find them. We have been the process of trying to find some more corporate sponsors. Unfortunately, most responsive. We have asked for it either. We have not heard back from them, or they have told us no. I know this is going to be an uphill battle to get everything fill that we need to, but I know it will happen. Now, there are ways you can help us out without spending too much time or effort. One of the ways you can help us out is by commenting on post that we make in the blog. Another way you can help us would be just like us on Facebook and if you’re a have like us on Facebook, you can comment on the Facebook page or just tell your friends about it. The more active we have our sights, the easier it will be for us to get corporate sponsorship.

I know with the date been set so much farther ahead. After all, January 3, 2014. Seems like long ways away, but to make this successful. We need to have as much of this going as soon as possible. For this upcoming summer. That would be the summer of 2013. I plan doing some promotional walks in some major cities, part of those promotional walks used for training. As we sit right now there are two cities on the list of walks that will be being done in 2014 one will be Salt Lake City, Utah. The other one will be Seattle, Washington. If we can get some corporate sponsorship that will help cover costs of transportation, there will probably be two more cities on that list. Those walks be being done in cities that we will be passing through to the big one. They will also be be made with all our gear.

Thank you for taking the time to read this news updateand please give us some sports somehow.

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