Happy July 5

I hope your house did not burn this Fourth of July, I can state this with as dry as the area I live in and all the wildfires in the area.  We came out of it unharmed.  Like most people my animals did not like it Athena Peed on the floor, but I think it was is because she was scared.  It was first time she had any experience with fireworks.

I am wondering a few things though.  First off, when you think about the new website?  Second thing I would like to know what you would like to see on this website and ways I can make it better for you.  Last but not least like to know how it shows up on your cell phones and other mobile devices.  Just leave a comment on the blog , and let me know.

If you did not know this.  This website as a rewards program just for being active posting on it.  Posting your Facebook feed with it or twitter account with .

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