Had to do a little update

Well, I think I’ve got most the bugs worked out so that some good news to come along this way, we are still looking for some more staff members and the work on the FAQ section needs to be worked on. We also need to come up with a area name for the section that will be covering audio, video and pictures. The entry page needs some work to the five banners at the bottom of the page need to be matching what were doing this for I have a request in with Easter Seals to use their logo for we cannot use it without their permission. I am also considering adding one more section to this website. This section will be entitled miscellaneous what will be included in that section of the site is are running expenses for when we are doing the walk. A list of all the gear, that we take with us on the walk that way, you all know what we have with us and our current expense sheet.

For all of you that had no idea that this website has a reward program, you get points just for daily visits and telling your friends on Twitter and Facebook, along with commenting on the blog.

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